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As you probably know already, my name is Sean Hodgins and I am a creator. I work with all sorts of materials, but generally I build open source electronics and circuit boards. With each project I create a video to show and explain the build process, as well as provide other information about the build to help viewers understand how it works or why I built it. Afterwords I provide the resources such as design files, component lists, and often a step by step instruction sets(on instructables or alike). I am an advocate of open source and open knowledge and I believe everyone should have free and open access to information. 

Although the information and resources I provide is free, the time and materials it takes to develop each project is not. This is the reason I am accepting contributions. Your support will allow me to spend more time developing the projects of the future and hopefully provide you with some entertainment while doing it.

As always, there is no pressure to donate, and those who donate will be given the same information and resources as everyone else. This will always be the case. The benefits for donating will include behind the scenes imagery and occasional videos, occasional small things like stickers or custom circuit boards, and the higher amounts will result in a monthly discount on any items I have for sale(likely on Tindie, or my own webstore).

I encourage you to enjoy my content whether you can support me or not. My fans are what keep me going!

My goal is to teach and motivate future creators, and of course entertain.  

The PayPal link will direct you to pay "Idle Hands Development" which is my business name. I am a sole proprietorship, and all the funding goes to me.

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